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TEA-Cocoyl Glutamate

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1. Product Name

Trade Name:  


INCI Name:       

TEA Cocoyl Glutamate

CAS NO.:  





2. Product Profile

TEA Cocoyl glutamate is an anionic surfactant synthesized by acylation and neutralization of sodium glutamate and cocinic acid. 

The product is colorless or light yellow transparent liquid. 

Cocinic acid and sodium glutamate provide source guarantee for its mildness and good solubility, making the product an ideal raw 

material for mild personal care products.

3. Properties

It has environmental and skin friendliness and properties of skin conditioning;

Under weak acidic conditions, its foaming performance is better than that of other products of glutamate series;

The product has three hydrophilic structures, with excellent solubility and high transparency.

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